Membership FAQ

Welcome to the MetroTex Membership FAQ section. We have gathered some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question please call our Membership Department at 214-540-2745 or email

I want to join the board but I don’t know what I will owe. How do I figure that out?

We always collect an application fee and your current year’s board dues (if you join during the last quarter of the year we will also collect next year’s annual dues). The application fee and dues amount can be found on the MetroTex application. Find the month your license was activated with TREC and locate the total to calculate your dues. (License information is available on the TREC site at

* If your office gets MLS service through MetroTex, you will be required to pay the current quarterly MLS fees.

* If you are getting a keycard, there is a keycard set up fee and an annual service charge that is prorated throughout the year.


My E-mail address/phone number/fax number/address needs to be updated in my information and/or my listings.

The fastest way to do this is to log onto E-Services here. The first link on the main menu is “Personal Info”. Select this link and update your information. Your membership record is immediately updated, and that evening your changes will be sent to TAR, NAR and the MLS system (provided you receive MLS services through MetroTex). You can also fax or mail in a status report to the office or email (please allow 48 hours for processing).


My last name has recently changed. I want that reflected on my personal information.

 Make the change with TREC first. Once your license reflects the change, fax or mail us a copy of your updated license and we can process your request.


I am no longer interested in keeping my license. Is there anything I need to do?

Make sure your account is up to date with MetroTex.

Complete the REALTOR Resignation form and return to MetroTex.

Make sure your broker returns your license to TREC.

Return your keycard and equipment as soon as possible to avoid a bill for keeping the equipment. You can return your keycard and equipment to any of our six locations.


I just got my broker’s license and want to upgrade my membership from REALTOR to broker and open my own office. Where do I begin?

 As soon as your license status reflects the change on TREC, we can process your membership. Start by filling out the broker (Designated Realtor) application. Your new office information will be included on the application.


I have an assistant that helps me with my work. Can they use my MLS id and password to access the MLS?

No. MLS rules prohibit multiple users for one account. Your assistant can be provided with their own log-in ID and password for FREE, as long as they meet the requirements to be waived from MLS fees. Fill out a NTREIS WAIVER FORM and have the BROKER and the assistant sign where indicated. Once it is faxed into membership, the assistant is responsible for taking the online NTREIS training and calling our MLS department for their password. They also can attend a wide variety of MLS training classes for FREE.


I am already a member of another board. Can I join your board and will I get double billed for my dues?

You may join MetroTex as a Primary member, as long as your broker has a membership with us. Local, state and national dues are paid to your primary association. You can join any other boards you wish as a secondary member. Only local dues are paid to a secondary association. If you are transferring from another board, or joining us as a secondary member, we request a letter of good standing from your previous or current board so we can determine if you have already paid your state and national dues for the current year.


I’m a broker who actively recruits licensees. What do I need to tell you when a licensee joins my office?

If the licensee is already a REALTOR member a STATUS CHANGE FORM can be submitted. It must be signed by an authorized signatory (typically the broker or office manager). Fill out section 1, 2, and 4.


I just sent an agent’s license back to TREC. Do I need to notify MetroTex?

Yes. MetroTex will need to be notified when you terminate sponsorship of a licensee. You can simply fax a copy of the paperwork you send to TREC or complete sections 1 and 5 of the STATUS CHANGE FORM and send it to Membership.


I want to open a new office. How do I set up my agents in that office? Can I have listings on MLS under that office as well?

Please call our Membership department (214) 540-2745 or (817) 796-5370) to speak with a membership coordinator so that we may help make this transition work as smoothly as possible. Branch offices are set up free of charge and are eligible for MLS services as long as the primary office maintains an MLS subscription.


I am an appraiser. How do I join the board?

Appraisers Fill out the broker (Designated Realtor) application and turn it into one of our offices along with the appropriate fees.


I am with a company that works with REALTORS and would like to be able to better market my services and network. What is available to me?

An affiliate membership is the best way to accomplish this goal. With this membership you may attend any one of our 17 MLS Area Tours and Meetings. This is a great way to network and meet new REALTORS. You can also join the Affiliate Forum Committee, and much more. As an affiliate you are also able to receive a key card with limited access functions. This key allows you entry into listed properties as long as you call the agent and obtain a code that gives you permission to enter the premises. Standard key fees apply.